Water Damage That Can Happen To Almost Any Building

Water Damage That Can Happen To Almost Any Building

By Daniel Jeffries

A heavy storm can hurt a building in multiple ways, depending on everything from building materials to floor plan to the intensity and duration of the storm. Additionally, some problems can be specific to certain types of buildings but not others, such as deep flooding in a basement. However, the problems outlined below can happen to almost any structure, making them a common call for a water damage restoration company.

water damage

Pipe Leaks and Busts
When a pipe bursts or begins to leak, especially if it is behind walls or below the floor, it can cause major and long-term water damage to the area immediately surrounding it. Due to the hidden nature of most water pipes, it can take a long time and a great deal of damage for the problem to be noticed. In addition, if wood and other building materials are left damp for an extended period of time, they may be highly prone to mold growth and damage.

Storm Flooding
A violent and unpredictable form of water damage, floods are an uncommon occurrence but one which requires a great deal of work to clean up properly. These floods carry high volumes of water at alarming speeds, crashing through most obstacles if they find their way into a structure. Most storms also produce black water floods, which contain heavy amounts of contaminants and staining materials which can damage a structure and perhaps cause health effects if caution is not taken.

Rain Damage
Much milder than the preceding two types of damage, rain nonetheless can cause permanent damage to a structure if it is allowed to pour in. An open window or door is often all it takes to get enough water inside to warp flooring and wallpaper, making this a relatively inexpensive but very common form of damage. Specialists can help in these cases by checking for signs of mold growth, replacing materials, and performing minor restorative actions.

Restoration firms service homes and businesses nationwide when they encounter water damage and other disasters. The experts have the expertise and training to handle any size water damage disaster.