Types of Storm Damage Incurred by Businesses

Types of Storm Damage Incurred by Businesses

By Daniel Jeffries

Thousands of businesses across the nation are hit by dangerous and damaging storms every year, and just about every business with a physical location is vulnerable to this type of damage at some point in the future. Storms can hurt a business and negatively affect the way it does business. These are some of the consequences you can expect from significant storm damage to your business.

Damaged or Stripped Roofing
Roofing is often the first thing to be blown off in a storm, particularly tiles. As wind catches underneath them, they are lifted up and away, either being carried off or shattering upon hitting the ground. Depending on the intensity of the storm, this damage may be present in just a few portions of the roof, or it may be a total loss. Buildings with flat and metal roofs typically don’t have to worry about this. This isn’t permanent damage, however, and can be easily fixed by a professional company.Storm

Unhinged and Damaged Doors
In storms with heavy winds, doors can be blown off their hinges or be impacted by other objects from the outside. Should a door be entirely or mostly blown off, it can lead to other types of damage as well as the immediate room is subjected to the elements outside. Door replacement is a more involved task than that of roofing, but is, again, fairly easily repaired by trained professionals.

Water Damage
Water damage can be a more serious concern than other types of damage if doors or windows have been left open. Water seeps down into flooring and wooden materials, and can cause severe long-term damage. Professional consultation is typically required for heavy water damage, as situations it is present in are often unique and require adaptation.

Physical Structure Damage
When objects from outside collide with a building, carried at high speeds by wind, the structure itself can incur moderate to heavy damage. At best, paint can chip, and windows can be scratched. At worst, holes may be smashed through walls and windows shattered. Extreme caution is required here, as key structural areas may be compromised and the potential for a partial or full building collapse may be present.

Storm damage can be very devastating to a business. Contacting a professional restoration company is the right choice. They have the technology and equipment to handle any disaster.