Commercial Water Damage Affects Learning Center Operations

By Daniel Jeffries

Helping students learn new concepts, so they stay ahead of their peers means their futures hold greater promise than if they never received tutoring help. Study partners in school learn the same concepts from the same teachers and, too often, cannot provide an alternative view for struggling students.

When water damages your facility, the interior of your building can become unsafe for children. Microbial growth becomes much more likely, and deteriorating walls, ceilings, and carpeting can pose their own unique hazards. Water from indoor sources can happen anywhere that pipes, basins, or water-using appliances exist.

In California, waiting to repair slow leaks that result in steadily-increasing amounts of water damage often results in denial by the insurance claims adjuster. As in many states, agencies would prefer to pay smaller amounts for damages when first noticed, before they can escalate, than to pay for what they consider ‘preventable’ damages. Regardless of where your business tutors students, promptly calling a skilled water damage mitigation company can save you money instead of waiting.

Other locations might suffer water damage due to sudden and unexpected cold snaps involving plummeting overnight temperatures. These occur with regular frequency in Colorado and can cause burst interior pipes when outside spigots remain open all night. Your staff can prevent these by shutting off the water valve to the outside and draining any attached hoses or merely disconnecting them. Broken pipes can release thousands of gallons in a very short time, causing saturation of carpeting, walls, and anything else in the way.

Either problem, invasive water from a slow leaking pipe or a broken one, requires a skilled and experienced water damage restoration team to restore your building and facilities to working order. Long-term damage can result in stained walls and other areas, dry-rotting and disintegration of carpeting, and infestation by microbes. Instant release of large amounts of water can cause flooded areas, stained carpets, soaked walls, and allow the ever-present microbial population to start their growth cycle in full force.

To start the restoration process, we remove the water from your business’s structure and begin drying everything out. Bringing the air’s moisture content back into a normal range provides significant protection to both the structure and the contents of your learning center. Each aspect of your business affected by water requires restoration work aimed at its specific needs.

Calling a company with experience and the proper equipment can set your facility back on track quickly after water damage tries to make your business fail.


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