Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup

By Daniel Jeffries

A universal threat to businesses, churches, commercial property and schools, fire leaves behind more than just a charred building. While it may be that the fire department was in time to extinguish the flames and save the building, it is just the start. You might need to immediately board or tarp up windows, doors, and the roof, so your property is secure from more damage from weather or uninvited human and animal guests.

The interior of your facility and its contents are saturated with the water used to put the out the fire. Acidic soot and the firm scent of smoke is all over, even in areas that were not near the fire. These aspects of fire damage require a professional commercial fire damage restoration company to come in and clean up and repair your building so you can again be open for business.

Commercial Fire Damage

A devastating experience, fire destroys your possessions and office, and you must close your business for repairs. Your employees are emotionally traumatized and in shock, plus you are losing money. Hiring a professional company gets you the staff who has the experience and understanding you need. They are courteous and guide you through the entire process of restoration, ensuring you understand each step and easing any worries you have.

The technicians you hire should be IICRC-certified in fire restoration and content cleaning. They give you an efficient and fast resolution for fire damaged materials and structures, including:

• Emergency board up services
• Cleaning, contents pack-out and storage
• Emergency soft goods pack-out and cleaning. Doing this ensures you have uniforms to wear while the remainder of your contents are getting restored
• Water extraction and mitigation
• Structure restoration
• Complete cleaning for odor and soot removal
• Total put-back services for exterior and interior

Insurance Help
The restoration company can also assist you with your insurance. As a regular part of the fire restoration process, they can perform an on-site walk-through with your insurance adjuster to find and talk about all the areas affected by the fire. Through the whole claims-handling and process of restoration, they give photo documentation and speak with your insurance adjuster and agent to keep transparency and stop any delays for the project’s completion.

When fire damages your business, you want someone whom you can trust to restore it. Hire a company who keeps you informed, and who works efficiently, quickly and professionally to back to business soon as possible.