Commercial Cleaning In California And Colorado

Commercial Cleaning In California And Colorado

By Daniel Jeffries

Every business has its issues when it comes to commercial cleaning, but some procedures that are the same. As an example, I have worked as a restoration technician in California and Colorado, and removing standing water and then drawing water out of commercial grade carpeting is the same in both states.

As part of a response team, we bring in an initial set of equipment to start work while an inspector goes over the rest of the building for further damage. The initial set includes a commercial grade pump, a couple of water extracting wands, and a set of fans and air movers. If the power is out, we also bring in a portable generator to provide power for the first day. The size of the building determines if we bring in more equipment later.

The Colorado business was an auto dealership with six service bays; each one with a pit underneath it. A massive storm flooded all six, and we had to bring in additional hoses to pump them out. Since there were the offices and the showroom floor as well, we brought in the second pump to handle the additional square footage.

The building in California housed a men’s clothing store. It was all one level, so there was a much smaller amount of standing water. In fact, we only used the pump for about an hour with no additional hoses needed. The entire area, except for bathrooms and a stockroom, was carpeted though. At neither job site did we need a generator though.

The carpeted areas were roughly the same size. Both were typical office carpet, a tight nape with no pad underneath, so we did not have to lift either one up to dry them. It took a full day and most of the next morning to finish each one. As good as the water extraction wands are, they do remove 100 percent of the moisture.

After drawing out the water, we placed fans at entryways and hallways to blow out the colder damp air around the carpet and set up the air movers to force warm, dry air across them to force out the moisture still trapped. It took about a day and a half in California, but the weather was much cooler in Colorado, so thoroughly drying out the carpets took a full two days.

Regardless of the size of your property, you should always hire a licensed restoration company when there is water damage. Reopening the doors is too essential to leave wet carpets and water slick floors to chance, not to mention the safety of your customers.


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